Didion Translations Finanzübersetzungen

Markets follow their own rules.
So do languages.

Financial Translations

Speak the language of the stock market.

Financial translations have their own unique character. Having solid translation skills here means being an expert in both fields: with a firm command of finance and outstanding translation skills. For example, a specialist translator who has focused on business and finance since college. Or an industry expert with hands-on experience, who acquired language skills through years of working overseas. The Didion Translations team comprises these experts – this is how we offer our customers security and first-class results.

Our guarantee:

  • Translations based on the “two-person rule”
  • At least one of the translators specialises in law
  • At least one of the translators is a native speaker of the target language
  • Consistent terminology thanks to our CAT tool

Didion Translations is a “boutique agency” for languages, a group of hand-picked translators. We have the professional expertise and feel at home in every language: not only English, French and German, but also Norwegian, Italian or Russian along with many other languages. Use our professionalism and diversity to your advantage. True to the motto: by experts – for experts.

Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving.

– Anna Rusconi

Juristische Übersetzungenn

Legal translations

You think beyond legal clauses. And we think beyond words.


Financial translations

Markets follow their own rules. So do languages.


Technical translations

Precision is everything. In your business and in ours.


Marketing translations

The market knows no boundaries. But marketing language does.

Übersetzen und Dolmetschen


We speak your language. In many languages.

Cordula Didion

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