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The following is an excerpt from our references. Opinions, evaluations, assessments – we’re happy to receive so much positive feedback. After all, it shows how satisfied our customers are with our work. Quality, reliability, punctuality and flexibility – all of these characteristics help create a positive overall impression. Every response we receive is both an incentive and an obligation: not just to maintain our high standards, but to continuously develop and improve them. We welcome you to accompany us on our journey.

Carl Gross
Vielen herzlichen Dank. Und wirklich auch DANKE für die sehr nette und professionelle Zusammenarbeit mit Dir und Deinem Team. Mir macht es super viel Spaß!
Referenzen Didion Translations
I’m always so impressed with your ability to quickly familiarise yourself with the project.
Stadt Nürnberg
Ich will 2022 wieder ein größeres Projekt mit Togo planen und da werde ich sehr gerne wieder auf Sie zurückgreifen, wenn es um Vertragsübersetzungen geht.
Nürnberger Prozesse
Herr Prof. Delage selbst fand sich in Ihrer Übersetzung sehr gut wiedergegeben. Sie zeichneten sich sowohl in der Abwicklung als auch in der Qualität Ihrer Übersetzung durch hervorragende Arbeit aus.
Referenzen Didion Translations
Many thanks. Everything is perfect as usual.
Referenzen Didion Translations
The translations are delivered on time and in high quality. I appreciate the fact that you ask questions in cases of doubt instead of just translating the text “somehow”.
Referenzen Didion Translations
I’d like to express my high praise for Cordula Didion. She translated my company brochure into English quickly, with a high level of quality and professional service. Highly recommended.
Referenzen Didion Translations
We were very satisfied with your performance.
Referenzen Didion Translations
Thank you so much for the translation. And thanks for a job well done!
Referenzen Didion Translations
I truly appreciate your spontaneity and straightforward way of helping me and I look forward to working with you again soon. Many thanks and warm regards.
Cordula Didion
Our team has specialised in German and French affairs for 25 years. We regularly require translations of legal texts from French into German for our clients, which is why we work with multiple language service providers. We’ve always been satisfied with Ms. Didion’s professionalism and service.
Elke Horn Rechtsanwältin
Vielen Dank nochmals für Ihre Bereitschaft, in meiner Kanzlei zu dolmetschen, ebenso für die entspannte Atmosphäre.
Das Buch ist inzwischen im Satz, und es gab tatsächlich keine Rückfragen, ich habe auch ziemlich wenig eingegriffen. Also alles gut!

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An interpreting client:

Indeed, the event went very well – also largely due to the uncomplicated, quality work Ms. Didion provided. We can’t thank you enough for the excellent collaboration!

A colleague:

I simply had to write to you immediately to send you my warmest THANKS for your fantastic work on these texts! Especially the longer one, it was simply incredible! In many cases you improved upon the original text, making it considerably more appealing! Not to mention how much effort you put into research.

We work for public authorities and courts on a regular basis:

Ansbach Local Court
Fürth Local Court
Neustadt an der Aisch Local Court
Nuremberg Local Court
Nuremberg-Fürth Regional Court
Würzburg Regional Court
Nuremberg-Süd Tax Office

If you want to have an impact on people, you need to speak their language.

– Kurt Tucholsky

What do you mean by “boutique agency”? I thought you were a translation agency. I get this question a lot. We call ourselves a “boutique agency” for languages because we are a group of hand-picked translators. We offer you something you won’t find everywhere: top quality at fair prices. Simply contact us and use our professionalism and diversity to your advantage: by experts – for experts.

Cordula Didion

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