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We speak your language.
In many languages.

The art of interpreting.

Interpreting requires more than just an ability to speak both languages fluently. Interpreters also need a solid education and training in interpreting methods and techniques. This is why Cordula Didion completed a post-graduate course in Interpreting and Translating for Courts and Public Authorities for French at the University of Hamburg after passing her exam as a translator. However, she also interprets outside the courtroom, e.g. during negotiations with French business partners, on the factory floor to help employees from France learn their trade and in the interpreter’s booth during events attended by French guests. She provides both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and is happy to advise you on the interpretation technique that is most suited to your needs.

We also have certified interpreters for additional languages on our team. Contact us. We’re happy to help you make the right selection for your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Please provide us with preparation material well in advance. The more an interpreter can study the relevant material, the better the quality of interpreting. Incidentally, preparation time isn’t invoiced separately; it’s a matter of course for us and already included in our hourly rates.

Didion Translations is a “boutique agency” for languages, a group of hand-picked translators. We have the professional expertise and feel at home in every language: not only English, French and German, but also Finnish, Polish or Serbo-Croatian along with many other languages. Use our professionalism and diversity to your advantage. True to the motto: by experts – for experts.

A different language is a different version of life.

– Federico Fellini

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Legal translations

You think beyond legal clauses. And we think beyond words.


Financial translations

Markets follow their own rules. So do languages.


Technical translations

Precision is everything. In your business and in ours.


Marketing translations

The market knows no boundaries. But marketing language does.

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We speak your language. In many languages.

Cordula Didion

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I look forward to hearing from you. Send your enquiry via email. Or call me at +49 (0)911 9327820. Many issues can be clarified more quickly and effectively in a personal conversation.

You’re also welcome to stop by my office for an in-person meeting. Please arrange an appointment to ensure I’m in the office and not out on an interpreting assignment.